Hi everyone. Denise has suffered a total and complete mental breakdown. Your order will be filled when she returns from the hospital.

MARCH 9, 2019 -

Please contribute to "fragments of Sardine Magozine #13 TACO EDITION"

Charlie asked for submissions from the public! The friends & family team is working to honor that request. Please send fan mail or consumer research. Taking submissions until September 30, 2020.


For the last issue of SARDINE MAGOZINE,

double issue #11 & 12 with "BATTLE OF THE DUGONGZ" 90-minute tape, released 2016, Spew Geyser reprint July 2019, send $25.
SC 29458
denisedawesvonkizer@spewgeyser.com All prices include USA shipping. Overseas orders, you cover shipping. Calculate your cost and send order to: https://www.paypal.me/charliemcalister Please include your address!


Keep in touch about these final projects from Charlie McAlister...
-12" from Almost Halloween Time / Spew Geyser / Tick Tock "I am the world's richest man" 2019 Luigi's version, painted in Italy, out now! 2019 USA release, nearing completion! http://www.underwaternow.com/catalog.php?id=070
-Piano Reeves & the 5000 watt compressed air band "hole in yoga pants" 2018 tape from Unread, out now! Celie had compressed air with horns and twine and Charlie had bass cab and aluminum banquet pan. Soothing collage music! http://www.unread-records.com/releases/unread236.html
-7" "fouls and faults" from Unread, nearing completion!
-7" furniture huschle "top down" / charlie split with SARDINE MAGOZINE #13 from Carlos
-24 tape box set "Don't touch these tapes" from Unread, not even close to done! it's huge! Charlie did this major retrospective of live bits, alternate takes, and some previously unreleased material
-Sardine Magozine compilation book from Prok, a bound edition of all Magozines
-poetry book produced on Guy Mead's copy machine of typed & handwritten lyrics
-tribute album from Carlos
-Digitize all master tapes & videos
-Photograph art in Charleston & elsewhere


Past events: DECEMBER 29, 2018 - Motormouth Mabel and friends at Burns Alley
JULY 15, 2018 - First annual McClellanville video fest. Join us this summer!


Contact the archival team/get on our mailing list:

PO Box 51 McClellanville, SC 29458
All money goes to archival projects, including new releases and book production. Prices include USA shipping. Overseas orders, you cover shipping. Calculate your cost and send order to: https://www.paypal.me/charliemcalister


VARIABLE PACKAGE DEAL! Receive an array of gifts $25 and up, includes poster, hat, mag, or whatever unique item we have around...


issues #1, 2, 3, and 4, reprint by SPEW GEYSER team, stamped with date - $10 each, a few left


Prok 2018 - $1 each or $5 gets you alot SOLD OUT!


brown/yellow September 2018 - $15 each SOLD OUT!

I'm afraid of new york/double banger show poster

limited edition July 2018 reprint by Prok - $20


July 2018 by Prok - $15 each SOLD OUT!

SARDINE MAG covers #1, 2, 3 and 4

Stickers by Prok

I'm afraid of new york/double banger show poster reprint by Prok

sardine magazine or spew geyser/hot dog "ice fade" design in navy, dark green or light blue shirt in L / XL Ring spun cotton is very soft!

Hat by Dirk


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