Hello "SPEW GEYSER REPORT #18" ( new play debut,sumac class,Yeah High,,Sardine magozine #XI ) DEAR GOD We did not fail thee,,it was the interception and the missed field goal at the end... .. NONE THE LESS Walk or drive to Asheville N.C and then walk or drive over to BLACK MOUNTAIN SCHOOL,which is located at the V.F.W or the Moose Lodge but actually may be at the Y.M.C.A.When you find it ,Celie will be there with her trumpet to signal the gate to open.Go in through the open gate at around 9 o'clock Thursday MAY 26th to see the debut.Which is supposed to be: "THE MARRIAGE OF BOGMAN or THE DEATH OF BOGMAN" BRAND NEW CONTEMPORARY PLAY introducing DON WEEGUS as Doctor Malbert and SUSAN F.REEVES as Baby Virjane in their darring debuts to the action of the stage! POSSIBLY THE WORLD'S LARGEST SUPPLY OF SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF EVER . "Entertainment to go by" says Jeromeo Coaxum of the Center For Magnetic Massage or CFMM Coaxum also noted in his column for the CFMM Tribune:.. "Bogman and Little Suzie burn up the screen!" . CONSOLT YOUR CODIFIED GLOSSARY AND DONT GET LOADED on CHEAP LIQUOR OR COUGH SYRUP BEFORE THE SHOW..DRINK OURS! THATS RIGHT! ITS FREE BEER AND WINE NIGHT AT BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLAGE THURSDAY MAY 26TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'LL PAY YOU*** TO DRINK OUR LIQUOR DURING THE DEBUT OF THE BRAND NEW 18 ACT CONTEMPORARY PLAY written by SHUTES SEAMEN and KAL FRANCIS otherwise-known-as C.MCALISTER.

Watch the action unfold at 8:30 or 9:pm at the YMCA SUPERCENTER BLACK MOUNTAIN NC MAY 26TH!!!!!!!!

Also Note********Celie will be at the school for a whole month..Talk about weeds and smoke some poison ivy if you wanna make the scene...inject a load of sumac into your main line and go backwards in time.*NOTE this is serious buisness! CALL THE SCHOOL'S HOT LINE FOR CLASS TIMES..."YOU MIGHT EVEN LEARN SOMETHING"- NEW TAPES AND BOOKS. . TWISTED DESIRE casette tape with horns and electric guitar SPEW GEYSER in association with UNREAD..... present....... -YEAH HIGH- 90 minute compilation tape and xeroxed book of video stills:FEATURING:INTERVIEWS PHOTOS AND SOUNDS of Furniture Huschle,Ashley Holt,Bob Log III,Brotherley Love,Caleb Fraid,Poopy Lungstuffing, Rake Kash,Hoss Flesh,National Audio CO.Church of Gravitron,Simon Joyner C.Mcalister and more people you probaly dont know . ...*"someday maybe it'll move..""sorry it dont move it was spose to be a movie" .. it's a xerox!"-------available June 16th 2016 SPACE CULT BOOKS presents SARDINE MAGOZINE # XI New issue of exsposed consumerisms,Interview with THE CRAB KING ! ,BATTLE OF THE DUGONGZ,RECIPES FROM SEA FAG JUNIOR,STUPID BOAT NAMES! and an ass more.... includes 90 minute cassette and glossary by C.Mcalister called "BATTLE OF THE DUGONGZ". DONT BE SHY....... WRITE :US! SPEW GEYSER P,O BOX 51 MCCLELLANVILLE,SC 29458 USA